Call for Artists



How does Art4Resistance program work? 

A4R is an art-sharing collective intended to incentivize new charitable donations to important sponsored nonprofit, nonpartisan organizations that promote valuable social services, work to change political policies, advocate and support our environment, and/or lobby to defend or promote all of the above. Aside from the important donation incentive aspect, it provides artists a creative outlet for involvement in support of key issues — and a channel for resistance to oppression or tyrannical leadership or political issues. 

How are the sponsored charitable organization selected? 

The ACLU, Planned Parenthood, Earth Justice and other organizations have been selected by collective members due to their timely and energetic involvement and representation in matters of equality, immigrant’s rights, and environmental and human rights concerns under a currently repressive presidential administration with seemingly limited respect for basic human rights. Future changes to the sponsored organizations will be facilitated by a vote of all A4R collective artists. 

If I join the collective, what next? 

You will be put on rotation with other collective artists. As donors make us aware of their donations and take us up on our incentive art-share offer, the next artist in the queue will be notified and can choose a piece of work he/she would like to send as a thank you in solidarity. Artists will be approached to submit their work in alphabetical order by last name, and each artist in the collective will share one work of art before we start the cycle again. 

What type of work am I to share? 

A small piece of personal and original work in any medium (though preferably not too fragile) of 8 x 10” or less in size would be ideal for ease and efficiency of shipping at a low cost. The intention is that you share a small piece that is not unduly labor intensive. If sharing a 3-dimensional work, keep in mind size constraints and packing needs. The work needn’t be on a political or resistance topic; it can be any subject matter of your choosing and ideally readily appreciated by a wide variety of recipients from various walks of life. (Remember, we are attempting to build bridges and expand a solidarity movement, not shock or offend — though many of us in the group appreciate shock tactics internally!) Just make it fun and keep it simple.

Do I need to frame the work before shipping? 

Some artists need to frame work as it protects the piece. If you are working in a medium that is best shipped simply matted and protected from bending or tearing, the donor recipient may then select a frame or other method of display that best suits them. 

How does my artwork get to the donor? 

You will be notified via email when you are the next artist in line for submission. At the time you are called upon to share your work, you will be provided, via email, a postage- paid shipping label addressed to your art-share recipient (the donor). You will be responsible for adequately packaging and shipping your work to our donor partner in a timely manner (within 5 business days of being notified). You are encouraged to also share a brief bio and description of your work (medium, process, where to view more of your work, etc.) as you feel best represents you as an artist. 

What if I am unavailable when my turn to share comes around? 

If you cannot be available to participate by sharing your work when your turn is called (due to travel or other unforeseen matter) you must inform the program administrator when you are notified of your position in queue. The next artist in rotation will be selected and you will be moved to the end of the rotation list. If you are unable to share by the time you are again in the queue, we will unfortunately need to remove you from rotation until you are again able to fully participate in a timely manner. 

How do I join the Art4Resistance collective? 

Please email our group at letting us know of your interest in joining. We anticipate that your membership in the collective will be vetted by another collective member; otherwise we will work with you to facilitate a reference or other background check as appropriate. You will be asked to review and sign a collective agreement (limiting your liability and vouching for your responsibility to recipients) and we will then add you to our roster of fine artists already working in solidarity. We look forward to having you in the group!

What about my own personal privacy as an artist?

We absolutely respect privacy and ability to participate without fearing reprisals. All artists in our collective are confidential and private to whatever extent is preferred. You will be provided a privacy statement if you join our group, and your preferences regarding your affiliation with us will be documented and upheld. Artists may work in alias or anonymity; alternately, artists may choose to showcase their own work via hyperlinks from our site to individual websites or Instagram accounts, etc. Your desired degree of visibility and exposure will be respected and honored. What is most important to us is your creative involvement and your solidarity for important causes.

Where do I go for help, additional questions, etc.? 

Email and we will get back to you with answers and information as soon as possible.