Art 4 Resistance is a growing grass roots movement comprised of artists nationwide, united via passion, creativity and our common desire to support organizations guarding the individual rights and liberties of everyone in the USA and globally. We provide original pieces of our artwork to donors supporting the following human and environmental advocacy organizations as an act of solidarity and resistance to oppression:

There are many years of this administration to be endured. Given the number of executive orders positioned in these first several months of this administration, these organizations will need our continued and steady support.

How It Works:

We do not accept donations; we want you to donate directly to these worthy charitable organizations!

  1. Donate $50 USD or more to one of the supported organizations described above via their website or other means.
    Note: If you are pledging a recurring monthly donation to the organization, we can honor your accumulated donation of $50 or more. Otherwise, we cannot accept retroactive donations at this time.

  2. Forward your Thank You email or receipt for your donation of $50USD or more (scan/attach to email) to our collective at Art4ResistanceUS at gmail.com .
  3. We will confirm receipt of your email and an artist in the Art4Resistance collective will be contacted to ship an original work of art to you at the address you provide. You will also receive a description of the work and/or a brief bio of the artist.

There are no exchanges and no returns of the art. Please visit websites or online accounts to learn more about the artist if you are interested in his/her work.

Our artists will be very proud to share a bit of their own work and story with you. Thank you for your advocacy of the arts and for being one of the millions of people who support the very important work and advocacy of the these organizations.

We hope that you enjoy participating in this art-sharing program and the work you receive. Please help us spread the word - share our website!